Learning Spanish can help you connect to others

You can build deeper and more meaningful connections with a new language

I am pretty sure I live in one of the best places on Earth. One of the things that I like the most is the variety of cultures that come together in one small town here in Costa Rica.That is why I love helping others begin learning Spanish Tamarindo. Spanish will help you develop a deeper understanding about the history and culture of this amazing country. And learning the language will help you form deeper and more meaningful connections with other people. 

I love walking around town and listening to people speaking no less than 3 different languages in a 10 minute walk. Being fluent in two languages, I get to meet a lot of very interesting people. I get to know about their lives, interests, professions, dreams, and plans.

Amongst these people, I met some that I know would really enjoy a conversation with each other and profit from it on either a professional or a personal level. But sadly enough, they do not speak the same language and they are missing out on a rich interaction. They do not know it, but I see it and it makes me think again and again how important it is to speak a second language.

A new language means new opportunities

I met a wonderful holistic therapist this week who I had the best one-hour-long conversation in years. I shared it with a beginner student of mine and she got really excited to meet this wise woman I was so cheerfully talking to her about.

She said she would love to meet this therapist because she would like her advice in some aspects of her life she was struggling with. Sadly, the therapist only speaks Spanish and my student is just in the beginning steps of her Spanish learning. There is so much these two women could be sharing that would make a difference in each other’s lives, and they are missing it.

My business partner is a very talented HR recruiter who only speaks Spanish. She is very respected in the area and has been making a really nice career for herself. She is the kind of person who likes to connect with both clients and candidates on a deeper level to really understand their needs and desires. 

Her work goes beyond just work. Now she finds herself struggling to meet the needs of her English speaking clients. She cannot meet them without my help and feels really frustrated by the fact that she is unable to explain herself as she would like to. Without even mentioning that her client who speaks only English, is missing out on so much human interaction by not being able to speak his employee´s language. These are just a few examples of what I witness every day. 

Learning Spanish Tamarindo | Spanish and Dance by Belen | Belen Pino
Learning Spanish Tamarindo | Spanish and Dance by Belen | Belen Pino
Learning Spanish Tamarindo | Spanish and Dance by Belen | Belen Pino
Learning Spanish Tamarindo | Spanish and Dance by Belen | Belen Pino

How learning Spanish Tamarindo can lead to new experiences

Fortunately, my job is to help make a difference and bring people together by helping them learn a second language. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of learning a second language. It goes beyond speaking. It goes beyond conversation. Being able to communicate in a different language, opens up a whole new world of opportunities to connect on a personal, emotional, intellectual and professional level. 

Walking around the world speaking only one language is like being a one-eyed pirate all your life and not even knowing everything you are not seeing. I was surprised to find a Playlist in Spotify called FOMO. I had to enquire on the meaning of it, because I did not know. It means Fear of missing out. 

Fear of missing out on a new song? I would be far more scared of missing out on connecting with amazing people that do not speak my language. I know first hand that learning a language takes time, effort, overcoming frustration, getting rid of fear, and more. But, trust me, the profit you get from it is worth it. Stop making excuses and open up to an incredible world that you did not know existed. Join me and start learning Spanish Tamarindo and broadening your horizons today. 

Learning Spanish Tamarindo | Spanish and Dance by Belen | Belen Pino

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